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A Solution For Small Business Owners
Bars & Restaurants
  • Show them an irresistible offer. Promote your Happy Hour, your daily special, your menu, and change it as much as your business needs it. Your business is dynamic, and so should be your offers!
  • Online Reservations. Any passerby would be able to book a reservation.
  • Increase the reviews. You can ask for a good review to your clients in an unintrusive way.
restaurants getting more clients
Shops & Stores
  • Promote your products. There's no better way to entice people to your store than with a powerful promotion of your products or service.
  • Sales. Are you running a sale? Tell everyone around you!
  • Contests. Create a contest for the passersby that end up entering your store. You will see how fast you fill up your shop with clients!
Hair & Nails Salon
  • Promote your specials. With Pulsar Star you can show useful promotions to all the passersby around your business. Entice them with an irresistible offer and you will see your bookings going through the roof!
  • In-store promotions. Why don't you up-sell your already clients once they are enjoying your services? Offer them other products or services and increase your overall revenue with more clients, and more revenue per client.
Hair & Nail Salon easy clients
get clients for spa and beauty salon
Spa & Beauty Salon
  • Increase the number of bookings. Your passersby just need a good reason to go inside your salon. Give them a good offer and get clients for years to come!
  • Upsell Your Clients. Use your Pulsar Star inside your salon and upsell your clients on other promotions, and treatments. Or simply remind them to book another appoinment before leaving. All this reminders increases your brand power and makes you more profitable!
Dental & Doctor Offices
  • Be top on mind. Remind your passersby of the importance of get check out and give them an incentive to book an appointment with you.
  • Make appoinments easier. You can link directly to your phone, online reservation system to get more appoinments.
  • Display your promotions. If you have a promotion running (and every business should have one), get the word out with the Pulsar Stars!
It's like having a realtor by the property 24/7 !
attracting clients for massage chiropractor
Massage & Chiropractor
  • Ask them first. "Are you suffering from back pain?"
  • Now that you have their attention, promote!. Create a compelling offer for your new clients and see how your day gets busy with more bookings!
  • Try different approaches and promotions. Try different services and messages, and you will see that some are more powerful than others. The advantage is, with Pulsar Star you can make all the test you want!
On The Go Professionals
  • Is driving part of your daily routine?. If so, why don't you promote your business while you drive? With a Pulsar Star in your car, you will be promoting your business in people's phones! And you don't have to do anything more than putting a Pulsar Star in your car!
  • Get more calls and quote's requests. The more are on the go, the more chances of getting more leads, calls, messages and quote's requests.
Professional Offices
Lawyers, Accountants, Insurance Agents, Financial Planners, Stock Brokers And Management Consultants
  • Looking to get more new clients?. Start by reminding your clients where's your office and what you can do for them! Is there any good reviews from other clients you want them to see? Just link to them, build trust and get more clients faster!
  • Increase your book appointments. If you are looking for more appointments, simply open your Pulsar Star App, get your message updated and see the new appointments rolling in.
marketing for Professional Offices
get more clients for my fitness center
Fitness Centers
Aerobic Centers, Yoga Centers, Dance Centers, Pilates Centers, Gyms Fitness Centers, Athletic Clubs, Country Clubs
  • Want more sign ups for your fitness center? Create an awesome promotion and use Pulsar Star to deliver it to your passersby!
  • Did you just create it a new class?. get the word out and make sure you fill up those spots for your class real quick!
  • Do you want more revenue of your current clients? Use the Pulsar Star inside your Fitness Center to upsell on those services that are going to skyrocket your revenue!
Real Estate
  • Show the property info to the passersby. With Pulsar Star you can show useful information on properties to potential buyers when they are in proximity to a property.
  • Book appointments with a Realtor. In addition to see all the details of the property, potential buyers can book an appointment or call the realtor directly.
It's like having a realtor by the property 24/7 !
Car Dealerships
  • Attract clients to your Dealership using Pulsar Star. Just bring those passersby that are looking at your car lot into your dealership!
  • Book a test drive right on their phones. Make it easy for your clients to book a test drive! Even if your showroom is busy, your clients can book a test drive from their phones.
  • Personalized offers. You can push notifications whenever a customer approaches a car. They will be automatically greeted with a limited time promotion.
  • After work hours sales conversations. People can reach you after hours using a chat application or they can book appointments online even when you are closed!
Frequently Asked Questions
My type of business is not listed here...
Don't worry, the main thing is to have people around your business. If that is the case, then Pulsar Star will work for you. In any case, you can always ask us in the chat box and tell us about your particular business.
Is there any way to try your solution?
Yes, we have a free 14 day trial so you can evaluate how well it works for your business. In case you want to cancel the trial, simply send us back the Pulsar Star Lite and you won't be charged anything.
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